Month: July, 2009

Jim & Stella | pre wedding

July 11, 2009

My sister came to me one day to introduce her colleague to me. Stella was interested in engaging Median Labs as her wedding photographer this coming August. Her fiancee, Jim, is currently working back and forth between KL and Sarawak. So, to get him down in Miri for a pre wedding shoot was quite unpredictable. The moment he’s back, we quickly made arrangements for the shoot.







Part of the shoot was at their old school where they both used to study but were in different years. So, it was kinda a reminisence/nostalgic moment for them.

They were like “I used to sit there!” … “Our class garden used to be here!” … “Hey, that’s where my science lab used to be!”






So to Jim & Stella, have a wonderful time ahead and see you at the wedding! :)

Jonathan & Olivia | wedding

July 9, 2009

Shooting a chinese wedding has never been an easy task. You have the tea pouring ceremony, ‘torture’ session, tea ceremony again etc.. But with clients like Jon & Oly, they just make your job easier. They’re fun, funny, thoughtful and lots more that can’t be said! They’re like everyone’s bestfriend. :D

To Jon and Olivia, congratulations and have a wonderful married life!

*I was shooting on the groom’s side. Check out the bride’s shots in Ian’s blog.. :)


Jon & Oly02

What better way to decorate your family fridge other than pictures of your children and grandchildren.

Jon & Oly04

Jon & Oly05

The groom trying to negotiate with the the bride’s sisters who asked him to say “I Love You” in 5 different languages…

Jon & Oly06

…and he managed to pull it off.. :D

Jon & Oly07

And the torturing starts here…

Jon & Oly08

…with cream crackers and WASABI!

Jon & Oly10

By the looks on his face, you can tell how regret he felt for helping the groom.. :D

Jon & Oly09

Task #2: Eat extra sweet sweet the lolipop.

Jon & Oly11

Jon giving ang pau, thinking he could bribe Oly’s sisters to open the door..hehe..

Jon & Oly12

The relatives looking on..

Jon & Oly13

And then the groom got the bride.. :)

Jon & Oly14

The tea ceremony  and church wedding begins.

Jon & Oly15

Jon & Oly16

Jon & Oly17

Jon & Oly18

Jon & Oly19

Jon & Oly20

Jon & Oly21

Jon & Oly22

Jon & Oly23

Jon & Oly24

Feeding each other Mee Sua.

Jon & Oly26

Jon & Oly27

Jon & Oly28

Jon & Oly29

Jon & Oly25

Gadreal & Shalina | wedding

July 7, 2009

Gadreal & Shalina got engaged on the 6th of December last year. As their photographer during that time, we were once again engaged to cover their wedding early last June. Wedding was done in KEC and evening reception at the Imperial Ballroom.


Gadreal & Shalina02

Gadreal & Shalina03

Gadreal & Shalina04

Gadreal & Shalina05

Gadreal & Shalina06

Gadreal & Shalina07

Gadreal & Shalina08

Gadreal & Shalina09

Gadreal & Shalina10

Gadreal & Shalina11

Gadreal & Shalina13

Gadreal & Shalina14

Gadreal & Shalina15

Gadreal & Shalina16

Gadreal & Shalina17

Gadreal & Shalina18